Sunday, 31 March 2013

The week that was ...

Well, this week has been undeniably better than last week, thank goodness. We've all been of better health. By Monday Mahlia was back to her happy self and went to Montessori without a mention of a sore tummy. She did miss her swimming on Sunday but I took Leila—they both love their swimming lessons. We then walked over to the local beachside market to browse the stalls, have lunch and listen to some live music.

After we returned home, I unsuccessfully tried to get Leila to have an afternoon sleep (again... grrrr). The weather was beautifully warming so we decided to go to the beach for a late afternoon swim/paddle board/snorkel. I went snorkelling and it was absolutely stunning—the visibility was good, the sun's rays were cutting through the water to highlight the rainbow of the underwater world. And the fish were aplenty, of all shapes and colours. A truly magical moment.

Hubby then took the girls out on the stand-up paddle board around the boats. This is relatively new experience for Leila, but she loves it as much as her big sister does. Our time on shore was spent recreating a sand giant from one of our books:
Mahlia found one of her Montessori friends just as we were about to leave. Hubby took him out on the paddle board and we enjoyed the last hour of sun.

Tuesday we celebrated my baby's 2nd birthday—read all about it here. She seems to have really grown this past week too.

And Friday we finally made it to the zoo. The girls slept soundly the night before, so awoke full of energy and excitement. Traffic was minimal, as were the crowds at the zoo. The girls had a ball. Desperate to always see more, we managed to cover nearly everything. My personal favourites were the meerkats, big cats, chimps and the young gorillas playing (although the daddy gorilla really did look sad and very bored, which in turn made me very sad too). The girls loved everything, but were particularly excited to see the zebras.

A perfect day for my perfect girls.

And today was Easter Sunday. We had an egg hunt in the garden, and Leila struggled to understand why she couldn't eat all her eggs today. We practiced bike riding and spent some time at Nana and Pa's, before getting take away for dinner.

I hope you've had a lovely Easter! x

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  1. What a happy weekend! The girls look utterly content and delighted in every shot. I bet the trip to the zoo was highly anticipated!!!
    Ronnie xo