Saturday, 9 March 2013

The week that was...

Since the rain subsided a week ago we have been desperately trying to spend as much time as possible outside, enjoying the return of the warming sun. We missed a third of the summer here, when we travelled back to the UK for Christmas, so I found it quite hard to adjust to summer having already ended when it felt like it had only just begun!

We are lucky enough to be able to walk to the beach, so as soon as the skies cleared last week, that is where we headed. It was still fairly gusty but it was so worth it! A salty, sticky foam had developed from the ocean and it was just so much fun for the girls.

We spent time in the park with friends, we enjoyed the garden sprinkler and began a new veggie patch, where we came across a new friend.

We've taken long walks in the morning sun. We (well, the girls) climbed trees and watched the local bats.

Helping her little sister over a fallen branch... bless.

Mahlia and Leila sitting in a tree

We spent an evening bathing in the rock pools, searching for crabs and watching a very enthusiastic Taiwanese fishing TV personality film his show. We spent this evening running down the sand banks at the beach and then chasing the waves in and out of the ocean. Both girls stripped down to their birthday suits, Leila's feet were constantly washed out from under her but each time her head popped up from the white wash with a big smile. Mahlia's lost her fear of the waves... she jogged home in the nude with hubby, while myself, Leila and the dogs drove home in the car.

We're not ready for summer to be over, we're holding onto its long, warm days for as long as we can. Are you still enjoying long summer days? If so, how are you spending them?


  1. all perfection...except that spider!!!!

  2. Gorgeous photos, love your cute family. We aren't ready for summer to be over either, too much to do outside. Have a great week. H x

  3. Awesome pics! The bats are incredible! that foam is amazing...looks like snow! Your kids are adorable :)