Monday, 23 February 2015

8 | 52

A portrait of my kids, once a week, every week, in 2015.

Mahlia: After a long bike ride with daddy on a hot, muggy day we all had a play in the park. She is still finding her feet at Steiner, and has said she is a little bored. We've spoken to her teacher so hopefully they can give her some extra work to keep her busy. She has such a passion for learning, and I'm worried she might lose it if she isn't stimulated more.

Leila: Rosy cheeks and a sweaty forehead, she is counting down the days to her birthday. She makes friends wherever she goes and at the park a little boy was cuddled, kissed and hands were held. That hair is always in her face.

Archer: He is an eating machine at the moment. I stopped breastfeeding him this week, which is bittersweet. I'm ready to have my body back and hopefully get a bit more energy, but I am struggling with cutting the cord with my baby again. On a positive, he is actually sleeping better though.

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