Thursday, 7 February 2013

Current heart-melting moments

  • She takes herself outside to sit at the table, or to her bedroom, to read some books, all by herself.
  • Her blasé attitude towards potty training... when she's nude she trots off to the potty, does her business, flashes a coy smile and gets back on with whatever she was doing prior, regardless of the fuss we make.
  • She still asks to go back on the aeroplane to Ganny and Bampa's house, every day.
  • She reads books to her baby (doll), talking, pointing and laughing with it.
  • She has her noo-noo (comfort teddy) touching her face when she goes to sleep.
  • She will hide her face and peek out and say 'I see you'.
  • She can't say her 't's or 'c's yet—'I'm coming' = 'I'm bumming'; 'Mummy, come' = 'Mummy, bum'; 'Look at my tummy' = 'Look at my bummy'

  • This week, at Montessori, she patiently sat with her friend while he showed her how to do an activity that she already knew how to do. When the teacher asked her why, she simply said 'he wanted to teach me'.
  • When she laughs really hard, she gets the hiccups.
  • She gets an 'itchy' tongue when she eats something spicy.
  • She mothers her little sister and has done from the moment Leila was born.
  • She still can't quite get her tongue around the word 'animal'... to Mahlia it is aminals.
  • Bedtime chats about her favourite parts of that day.
I love those girls x

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