Monday, 11 February 2013

Christmas Trip Part 2

Following on from part 1, where we left-off taking-off from Dubai and we are Gatwick-bound. This was only a 7-hour flight, but it seemed to take forever. To say I couldn't wait to get there was an understatement. My gorgeous sister was waiting, and it was like a scene from a movie—Mahlia went running into her arms and we were both crying. We had finally got there. I'd been eagerly anticipating this trip back home for long time. After a short trip back to my sister's house, Leila met 2 of her cousins and Mahlia reignited her love with Tom, her 9 year-old cousin. She followed him around and absolutely doted on him.

The following day, Christmas Eve, we took the 2-hour drive to my mum and dad's cottage with my sister and her family. We arrived just as it started to get dark. Another emotional reunion, again Mahlia ran into her Granny's arms, Leila gave her Grandpa a big cuddle before getting slightly overwhelmed. Thanks to Skype, Granny and Grandpa are regulars in our house, so the girls felt at home as soon as we got there. Mum had all the lights off, bar the Christmas tree lights, and had the house bathed in candle-light—it was magical. I was so relieved to be there, and felt 'Christmassy' for the first time in many years. I always have an overwhelming sense of homesickness at Christmas normally.
We spent the evening playing with childhood toys and catching up, before setting out the carrots for the reindeer and a mince pie and a cup of milk for Santa. The girls shared a room and excitedly went to bed.

Christmas morning started early (surprise, surprise!) and the girls came into our room to open their stockings. Mahlia was so excited—she totally got the whole concept of Christmas and Santa this year. Leila wasn't too fussed with her stocking, thanks to finding my phone (which she is annoyingly addicted to) but soon got into it!

Being in England, it was still pitch black outside (there was no white Christmas unfortunately), and we went to show Granny the stockings and the girls were allowed to open one present each from under the tree.

Once we were dressed, the girls in their new dresses from Santa, and after breakfast we opened our gifts to each other before the rest of the family arrived. Mahlia was wearing some of Granny's clip-on earrings—she loved them!

My sister and her family arrived not too long after, followed by my brother and his family. It was really special having everyone together again. After more presents and a scrummy Christmas lunch, some of us headed out for a walk to work off some of the food. Twister was played—hilarious, and very sore after.

So that was Christmas 2012—spent with my wonderful family who we miss so much.

Part 3 of the trip to follow (goodness knows how many parts there will be—we took thousands of photos... bored yet?!).


  1. That is so wonderful that you got to spend Christmas with your family. Must be so hard to not be able to see them all the time.
    Ronnie xo

  2. It looks like a wonderful, love filled family gathering. I've always thought Christmas must be so nice to experience in the colder winter months. I love the photo of your little girl wearing those earrings. Thanks for stopping by my blog... I had intended to go back through your posts, your blog was still open on my laptop but I'm only just sitting down to continue reading now. You had asked how old my girls are... Grace will be four in May and Sophie is 16 months x