Saturday, 30 August 2014

35 – 52

A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014.

Mahlia: Extremely proud moment today. She mastered riding her bike not long after getting it, pretty much straight away, but wasn't quite tall enough to start or stop herself. So hubby would run along next to her to get her going and stop her. When the rain subsided today, we went to Terrigal and she went off with daddy and came back shortly after and stopped, all by herself, in front of me. I then showed her how to start by herself, and after a few attempts off she went! She rode past me, tears running down her cheeks, saying 'I've got happy tears!'. She was so proud of herself, rightfully so. Round and round, for the next hour she went. I predicted a growth spurt was coming, and it would seem it has, as she can comfortably put her feet down now. Tonight she also read daddy a story in bed. Reading and bike riding all by herself—growing up way too fast.

Leila: We all had hair cuts this week. This is Leila's nervous/concentrating face. She woke with conjunctivitis this morning, so all 3 kids have now had it this week. On her balance bike, she has no fear and just goes, just not in a particularly straight line. A magpie kept swooping at her head, and I kept trying to get her to move along, but she didn't care.

Archer: He has been hit the hardest with conjunctivitis, waking each morning with his eyes glued shut, but still smiling. He's now come down with a cold. This winter has been horrendous for bugs for all of us. Thank goodness tomorrow is the last day of winter! Archer turned nine months this week, and also had his first haircut. He looks so much older now. He is getting closer to crawling, moving from sitting nearly onto all fours. Won't be long, and life will get busier!

Couldn't resist including the next two photos from the week too. Sibling love x

Off to a party!

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